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Service Centre

Bike Servicing.

  • All work starts with a free safety check over and estimate before carrying out any repairs.
  • Mechanics are trained to Association of Cycle Traders CyTech standards.
  • Shimano Service Centre.
  • Experienced mechanics, with over 20 years experience.
  • Flexible and helpful, out riding and break your bike we will do our best to fix your bike whilst you wait.

Whether you are in the middle of the coast to coast or end to end, or out enjoying one of the many local trails, we will do our best to get you out riding again as soon as possible

New Bike Builds and Custom Builds

  • Every new bike from Ghyllside Cycles is reassembled, greasing all necessary parts and hand truing the wheels.
  • Production bikes arrive about 70% pre-assembled, and are built by many shops in only 30 minutes.  We spend over 2 hours building every production bike.
    • On every bike we hand finish the wheels, grease and torque bolts, align and index the gears, and check all functions.
    • We ensure the bikes are up to the standard we would want for our own personal bikes.
  • We're so confident of our bike build quality that we offer 3 free services in the first year on all new bike purchases.

Cyctech level 3   Shimano Service Centre


Wheel Build

Between our two mechanics we have nearly 40 years of wheel building experience.

We offer a hand built wheel building service catering for most purposes and requirements.  Our wheels have been proved around the globe on intercontinental tours and racing events.
There is more to a wheel than how light it is.  When we are wheel building weight is not our first consideration, what does matter is the individuals weight, riding style and riding discipline.  Once we have this information we can work out the best rim, hub and spokes as well as lacing patterns, and once this is established we can start wheel building.
Whether you are cycle touring, mountain biking, road racing or a tandem rider we can build or repair a wheel for you.