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Family Cycling

We offer a range of transport options for your family so if want to get out for day rides, or reduce your dependence upon cars and use the bike for the nursery/school run, then we have a range of items suitable.

We can offer first hand experience and honest advice as we have used many of the items that we sell with our own children and friends children.

Transportation options for your family include child trailers, trailer bikes (tag-a-longs) and childseats.


Child Trailers

These attach to the rear of the adults bicycle and come in various set ups for one or two children. The majority of child trailers are suitable for children from 14 months upwards, however some of the Chariot models are suitable for children from 6 months and up.

Many trailers can be adapted to not only be a bike trailer, but will also be suitable as a cross-country stroller or buggy, and some can even be adapted for cross-country skiing!



Trailerbikes are a bit like half a kids bike but instead of the front wheel they attach to the parents bike, effectively creating a kind of tandem. As these extend your family cycling range they are great for kids who are wanting to cycle themselves but are not able to cycle longer distances on their own bike at present. They also tend to be a faster mode of transport than a parent and child on separate bikes, and leaves the parent in control of all braking and steering which is reassuring for those busier road sections. They are suitable for children from about 4 or 5 years of age.



These are suitable for children from 6 months of age. There are 2 main types, front or rear mounted. This is a less expensive option than a child trailer and allow younger children to be carried, however they do mount the child higher up. This higher centre of gravity does affect the handling and stability of the bike.  

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