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The term 'Hybrid' is a little misleading as it now seems to cover a large range of different bikes, although  they can be broadly split in to three different types which all tend to be a more upright comfier bike.

Sports Hybrid

Designed primarilly with the leisure rider in mind, these bikes offer good reliability, are light-weight, and can be used for a variety of different types of riding including light off-road and touring / luggage carrying. They also make for ideal commuter bikes and can be serviced and kept on the road for lower costs than their more expensive stablemates. They will also allow for the fitting of a wide range of tyre types and widths making them a good choice for the cyclist who wants to participate in different styles of riding. Prices for this type of bike start from around £350.


Urban MTB's

These bikes are essentially a regular hardtail MTB with rigid front forks and road specific tyres. They are even more adaptable than the Sports Hybrid type, and can be used for harder off-road and heavier touring / load carrying use. They are aimed at the type of rider who wants a tough, all purpose bike with the emphasis on strength and durability as opposed to lightweight or on-road performance. Prices typically range from £400 to £700.


Flat bar road bikes

These bikes are designed with the emphasis on minimal weight and good road performance. They will appeal to the sporting rider who wants the performance and handling characteristics of a regular road bike, yet with the flat bar riding position and increased braking power of a 'V' Brake. They are perfect for those riders who primarilly ride a MTB who may be thinking of buying an extra bike for road only use. These bikes are not intended for off-road use or laden touring / luggage carrying, the whole idea being to create a more comfortable road bike with better brakes. Prices start from around £500.

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