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We know how important the safety of your children is to you. When it comes to the safety of our kids on our roads and choosing them a bike that is comfortable and which fits their needs we firmly believe that you should spend as much time in selecting a model as you would for yourself. We know that children are much more likely to want to ride a bike that is enjoyable to ride, is not prone to breaking down and which they feel has been chosen for them individually.

As with our adults bikes, we do not compromise on the quality of the children's bikes that we sell. Through experience we have found that many cheaper manufacturers build bikes to a set price, resulting in a bike that is heavy to ride and manoeuvre and more prone to breaking down requiring constant expensive maintenance. The children’s bikes we sell, on the other hand, are lighter than some models, and if looked after properly, should last.

We know that the kids bikes we stock are not the cheapest, but as with adult bikes, we believe you get what you pay for. The bikes we stock are lighter and made up of better quality components, making them perform better than the competition. Components, such as brake levers, should be proportional to the child's size. On the Early RIder, Frog and Ridgeback kids bikes that we sell, you can be sure that attention has been paid to these important details.

Balance Bikes – These are trainer bikes without pedals. Research has shown that kids learn to ride a bike more safely and quicker without the use of stabilisers. Children learn how to balance on these bikes, before the distraction of pedalling is introduced.



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