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Sinewave Cycles Revolution USB Dynamo Powered Charging Device

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The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices while riding.

The Revolution is made in the USA

Unlimited Power For:
– Cell phones
– Battery packs
– Rechargeable headlights
– Rechargeable speakers
– Any USB-powered device!

– Best in class efficiency
– High speed overload protection
– Simple installation
– Shock and vibration toughened
– Waterproof
– Gold-plated USB connector won’t rust or corrode

– Starts charging at 3.5mph (5.5km/h)
– Full charging at 9mph (14.4km/h)
– Max Current: 1 Amp
– Also works with DC input up to 52V
– Weight: 37g
– Dimensions: 54mm x 35mm x 14mm
– Wire Length- Approx 90cm
– Wire Ends: Stripped wire
– Warranty: 1 Year


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