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JONES Butted 2.5 Aluminium Loop Bar

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This H-Bar is essentially a butted loop H-Bar with 2.5″ of rise compared to the standard .5″ of rise on all of the other H-Bars which makes it ideal for bikes with front ends that are too low. Do you have a bike with a short head tube? Your back and neck want this bar! Are you wondering if it’s safe to install a steerer tube extender on a steerer tube? Get this H-Bar and you won’t need to find out. Having this higher handlebar with more hand positions will make you much more comfortable.
The Jones Butted 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar weighs approximately 525 grams, and is about 165 grams lighter than the SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar 710mm, making the bar a great way to keep weight down and have great comfort and handling.


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