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JONES SG Loop H-Bar 2.5″ rise

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Jeff hears from a lot of riders who need to get their bars higher, and while his framesets make that easy, many riders are installing H-Bars on other brands of bikes with a normal, lower stack height in order to get more comfort and control. For them, and everyone else who wants to get their bars higher, we have the new SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar! Think of the 2.5 as an alternative to a 2″ stack of headset spacers combined with a standard H-Bar, which has .5″ of rise.

Also a great bar on a Jones Bike for the rider who wants maximum handlebar height!

This H-Bar is essentially an SG Loop H-Bar with 2.5″ of rise compared to the standard .5″ of rise on all of the other H-Bars. Do you have a bike with a short head tube? Your back and neck want this bar! Are you wondering if it’s safe to install a steerer tube extender on a steerer tube extender? Get this H-Bar and you won’t need to find out!

The SG 2.5 Loop H-Bar shares the same comfortable 45 degree sweep, black or silver colors options, 660mm or 710mm widths, 31.8mm clamp diameter, and standard 22.2mm grip area diameter for flat bar/mountain bike controls with the rest of the Aluminum H-Bars. The main differences that you’ll notice when riding the SG 2.5 vs the standard SG Aluminum Loop H-Bar is that the 2.5 is 2 inches higher??”which makes it ideal for bikes with front ends that are too low??”and that the rear crossbar swoops down to the stem, rather than curving mostly back as on the rest of the H-Bars. We hope that this newest H-Bar will help more riders get more comfortable on their bikes!

The SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar weighs approximately 25 grams more than the SG Aluminum Loop H-Bar, so it’s actually a very light-weight way to get a much higher stack??”especially when compared to a steerer tube extender or even a longer steerer tube and extra spacers.

We highly recommend checking out our selection of longer grips and bar tape specifically designed for H-Bars.
Using longer grips is KEY to getting the full range of positions, and therefore comfort, that the H-Bars are capable of delivering!


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