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XLC HB-C05 City/Trekking Paperclip/Butterfly Handlebars Black

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The XLC Trekking Multifunctional Bar HB-C05 is an ergonomic multi-functional handlebar. Thanks to their construction, they are especially suited to trekking bikes as they are useful on long rides. This is because different hand positions are made possible thanks to its special shape. It can also be used on city bike setups. A rider’s hands and wrists will stay comfortable on longer rides to the variation in hand position.

Made from aluminium 6061 PG, these handlebars are very sturdy and have a large width of 585mm. The bend of the handlebars is 27 degrees which helps with that all-important position variation and all-day comfort.

Handlebar Clamp Diameter: 25.4mm


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