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50X Flat Pedals

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Reliable and robust 

Why composite- why not? The high-quality 5OX plastic pedal is in no way inferior to the same version made of aluminium in terms of weight and durability. In hard contacts with stones and rocks, for example, the material can give way and has usually withstood more than the aluminum version in our tests. For this reason, we rely on composite and do not offer an aluminum version. Important to us is the bearing – we have installed the best and most durable bearings.

The three different axle lengths provide a physiologically natural foot position on the pedal. Suitable for larger feet, a V-shaped foot position or larger sit bone distances, which usually require a higher Q-factor. 

The slightly concave and outwardly rotated pedal surface allows an ergonomic position on the pedal and creates enormous grip at the same time. To provide a maximum pedalling surface, this closes flush with the pedal axle. This avoids an annoying increase in the pedal surface on the inside of the foot, as occurs with many other flat pedals. 


+ Available in three different axis lengths 

+ Adapted to the natural foot position 

+ Large platform (115 x 105mm)

+ Fiber reinforced plastic 

+ Japanese ball bearings 

+ IGUS friction bushing Made in Germany 

+ replaceable pins

Axle Length

Long (+5mm), Short (-5mm), Standard


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