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Scientia Ergonomic Saddle

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A first-of-its-kind range of ergonomic bike seats, each designed based on a comprehensive study of body types and saddle shapes conducted together with the Sport University of Cologne.
Find your Scientia amongst a broad spectrum of nine ergonomic saddles, scientifically engineered to precisely fit each rider and accompany any type of ride.

Key Features:
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Custom fit to match your body and riding style

Select your correct riding position from either 45° (Athletic), 60° (Moderate) or 90° (Relaxed) to enjoy your rides pain free!

Select your Ischial variation.

Ischial Variation is the measurement of distance between your sit bones. How to measure it: If you don’t have the possibility to go to a biomechanics expert or to a shop that has a sit bones measurement tool, you can easily simulate the procedure at home using corrugated cardboard or another moldable material on a flat surface.

Sit at 90° and apply pressure

Find the centres of the two ischial impressions and measure the distance between these two points with a ruler. The result is your ischial distance.

Riding Position

Athletic, Moderate, Relaxed

Ischial Variation

1 (, 2 (11-13cm), 3 (>13cm)


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