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Kindernay Hyseq Onesie Shifter – 148 x 12

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The Onesie shift operator is a right handlebar mounted hydraulic shifter for Kindernay gearhubs. Operated by thumb pushing, the two push levers push hydraulic fluid from the operator to the HYSEQ actuator, located at the gear hub. The right handed innovative CNC machined operator, provides space for accessories like levers for dropper posts on the left side of the handlebar. With the Onsie shifter, you can shift one shift at the time, or multiple shifts at the time. The hydraulics provide a clean tactile shift feeling.

The HYSEQ, hydraulic sequential, actuator is the part that actuates the gear mechanisms in the gear hub, and mounts your Kindernay gear to the bicycle wheel axle mount. It is operated by a Kindernay shift operator (Onesie or Twosie), receiving hydraulic fluid and changing the hydraulic push operation into a mechanical shift actuation, to shift the Kindernay hub.

The actuator comes in three different variants, to be combined with matching left side Matchcap hub axle tabs, so that you can use your Kindernay hub on any type of frame. The 135x10mm through-axle version works for all standard QR type bicycle frames (e.g. 1980s-2010, or some citybikes), and the 142x12mm and 148x12mm boost through-axle version is compatible with frames or such dimensions.


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