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Rohloff Speedhub Oil

£17.00£150.00 VAT included

Specifically formulated for the Speedhub. Available as an Oil change kit or bottles  in 25ml, 250ml or 1L.

The SPEEDHUB Oil Change Kit includes the following articles:

  • 12,5ml All Season Oil / 25ml Cleaning Oil in a 50ml bottle
  • Oil filling tube
  • Oil drain screw
  • 60ml syringe

If the SPEEDHUB never lost a drop of oil over the past 12 months, then the combined volume of oil inside the hub after the cleaning oil is added, will equate to approximately 37,5ml. The Cleaning Oil bottle can therefore accommodate this entire 50ml volume for easy disposal after extraction.
Tip! Secure the oil filling tube to the syringe with a drop of super glue to prevent the two coming apart during the oil filling process.


2x1L, 2x250ml, 2x25ml, Kit


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