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Speedhub Flange Support Rings, Alloy rings

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Speedhub Flange Support Rings, Alloy rings which fit over spoke flanges , these must be used on any wheel build, 

Take a quick look at your SPEEDHUB shell. The text „made in Germany“ is lasered onto the shell near the oil drain screw. Is this text underlined? If it is, then you will require the Flange Support Ring set ‘Art.#8524’. If the text is not underlined, then you will require the Flange Support Ring set ‘Art.#8523’.

196922 si/silver – 32-Loch/hole
198454 si/silver – 36-Loch/hole
196521 sw/black – 36-Loch/hole
196713 sw/black – 32-Loch/hole
197520 rot/red – 32-Loch/hole
197980 rot/red – 36-Loch/hole

(Red) powder-coated hubshells are not compatible with flange support rings

SPEEDHUBs with a serial number after those listed above are produced with a higher flange on the hub-cap side which will therefore trequire two different size flange rings = Art. #8524.

An distinctive feature is the labeling “Made in Germany” that is laser etched into the hub shell:

  • ‘Made in Germany’  – labeling underlined = Art. #8524 = 1 x small ring, 1 x large ring (for the hub-cap side which is grooved for identification purposes.
  • ‘Made in Germany’ – labeling not underlined = Art. #8523 = 2 x small rings.

Even 8523, Odd 8524


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