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NBT2 (Next Best Thing) Cassette lockring remover

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Cassette lockring tool designed to remove cassette without the need for heavy tools such as chainwhips and large spanners. Lightweight and ideal for touring cyclists to take along on tour. See review in CTC Cycle magazine Oct/Nov 2006.

“The NBT2 lockring remover enables you to remove the cogset on the roadwithout other tools, e.g. to replace a spoke. The NBT2 fits Shimano lockrings (not Capreo), and 8 sp Campagnolo hubs in a pinch. For hubs equiped with Uniglide cogs or for hubs fitted with conventional freewheels other solutions exist. The NBT2 is NOT suitable for use with super lightweight [stupid-liteTM] alloy racing frames, where the deraileurhanger already self destructs with normal use.
Prior to first time use it is recomended to check with conventional tools that the lockring hasn’t been tightened way over the recommended torque by some hamfisted mechanic, to prevent overloading the dropout.”


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